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About Us

Patrick opened his first bookstore at age 18 after years of auction buying and selling to other book dealers. He has made a life-long study of rare and collectible books, authors and the history of printing. Pat and Jenny have had bookstores in Jackson, Michigan and Athens, Ohio. Now located in central Indiana, they sell via the internet to collectors, researchers and readers around the world.

Pat has had a radio call-in talk show on books and authors. He has purchased across the US, Canada, Europe and Africa, often rescuing and restoring rare or unique books that would have been lost or destroyed. He has a deep respect for all things book and paper and believes in preserving and protecting them for future generations.

The Story Shop can help you locate hard-to-find books from our own stock or from sellers worldwide. Only a small percentage of our books are listed on the internet, so if there is anything you are looking for, common or rare, write us and we will try to help. Discounts are offered on price and shipping costs for multiple purchases.

Write to us for details.

The Story Shop - 634 North A St. Elwood, IN 46036 ~ (765)552-5000
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