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The Story Shop offers most common restoration and repair work on books both hardcover and softcover. We can turn dried leather supple again and dye cloth bindings, where spotting or fading has occurred, to match the original coloring. Spines can be saved in most cases, and cracked hinges can be fixed or made new with replaced endpapers. Loose pages can be either resewn into the bindings or, in the case of glued cardstock books, be reattached with conservator's flexible adhesive for years of sturdy use. All new products applied to your books will be modern and acid-free, up to the standards of professional conservators and archivists. Books that have dustjackets will be carefully protected in a new, removable mylar sleeve. We do not offer new bindings or slipcases, sorry.

We can appraise your individual book or book collection on-site and offer suggestions for their proper storage and handling.
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